The Glorious Cause

Written by Jeff Shaara
Review by Mark F. Johnson

I couldn’t wait for this sequel to Rise to Rebellion; I knew it was going to be superb and was not disappointed. Shaara resumes his history lesson where Rise left off, in New York of August, 1776. He carries it through the end of the war to Washington’s return home to Mount Vernon. Along the way he tells the tale of the American Revolution through the eyes of those who fought it, never letting the reader forget that those icons from the past were all too human. Once again, Shaara demonstrates his uncanny ability to introduce the reader personally to some of history’s greatest figures: Washington, Franklin, Lafayette, Cornwallis, Howe, Von Steuben, and others.

This is neither a collection of dates nor a long-winded debate about strategies. Instead, this is the story behind the dates and the history book pictures and as such should be required reading for American history classes, for many students would find several eye-opening revelations. This is history as it was, and not as it is commonly taught. As with all his books, the author does not pass judgment, does not take sides, and does not pull punches. The follies, misjudgments, cowardice, and betrayals on both sides are woven into the same tapestry as the heroics and masterstrokes. The resulting image is unforgettable.