The Franklin Affair (An Henri Gruel Adventure)

Written by Ty Drago
Review by Wendy Zollo

Written in the first person, Henri Gruel looks back to his youth and his adventures with Benjamin Franklin during the time of the American Revolution. Although categorized as a mystery, this is really the story of a young man’s coming of age.

While the mystery is well done, what impressed me most about this charming book were the layers upon layers of personal relationships that Drago so impressively and competently pieces together. The character of Franklin is humorous, wry, witty and perceptive. The bond between Gruel and Franklin is finely tuned and tightly written. The secondary characters also do not lack for development and independent traits.

Drago has presented a fine work of fiction that both deeply moved and impressed me. The only fault may be in some oversights in the editing process. Certainly with a work this fine I had no problem overlooking them, and I’m relatively sure other readers will feel the same way. A must read for anyone interested in the American Revolution!