The Flapper’s Baby Scandal (Sisters of the Roaring Twenties, 2)

Written by Lauri Robinson
Review by Trish MacEnulty

The Dryer sisters’ father has raised them to be sweet, obedient daughters who will someday be sweet, obedient wives to the richest men their father can find. However, these three young women have no intention of playing by anyone’s rules but their own. Betty, the oldest sister, sneaks out to a speakeasy with her sisters and meets Henry Randall, an FBI agent on the lookout for a bootlegger. His unique blue eyes have her forsaking all propriety—even though she’s already engaged to a man she barely knows. Henry is just as attracted to her even though he’s trained himself not to trust women. Set in 1920s Hollywood, the plot delves into the shady world of real estate deals and Prohibition, with realistic descriptions of both clothing and settings. The snappy dialogue especially captures the era. Romance lovers will find themselves immersed in another time and place with these fun, feisty sisters and the handsome, conflicted Henry.