The Figurehead

Written by Bill Kirton
Review by Joanna Zefron Stenlake

In 1840, Aberdeen on an early morning, the body of shipwright Jimmie Crombie is found on the beach as the tide recedes. While his death was not mourned by those who knew him as a foul cheat, it did raise suspicion of murder and present an intriguing mystery to local woodcarver John Grant.

John’s examinations entangled him with local merchant William Anderson and his beautiful, outgoing daughter Elizabeth. As John digs deeper, his investigations lead him to some unexpected and troubling discoveries and a deep longing of the heart…

Murder, mystery, intrigue and romance – The Figurehead is full of action and recommended for any reader who enjoys historical fiction and mysteries. Overall, the story has a well-paced plot, and the author pays close attention to detail with excellent use of punctuation and grammar. Readers’ senses will be brought to life through vivid description of mid nineteenth century Aberdeen and a life on the seaside.

The book boasts a neat, professional and easy to read interior presentation. The only caveat is that the cover is a slight disappointment. It is dark and monotone and is missing an eye-catching design to reflect the mystery and excitement of the story. That being said, The Figurehead is a great work of Indie historical fiction which I would highly recommend.