The Family Way: A Molly Murphy Mystery

Written by Rhys Bowen
Review by Jeanne Greene

Lively private investigator Molly Sullivan née Murphy is now married to a police captain and expecting a baby. Daniel worries about Molly—New York City in August 1906 is sweltering—so she agrees to visit his mother in the suburbs and get some rest.

Rest? Molly?

Before she boards the train, Molly’s involved in her brother’s troubles, baby snatchings, and the disappearance of an Irish maid. Upon arrival in Westchester, “restful” activities like tea with suburban socialites, a visit to a closed convent, and a formal social call provide information about a murderer, a kidnapping ring, and an anarchist plot. “How do you do it?” Daniel complains.

Molly makes it look easy just so Daniel won’t put his foot down. But readers who have followed her around all week know how hard she works, how many risks she takes. Molly is still driven by duty. If this is your first Molly Murphy novel, don’t make it your last; there are 12 in the series. Bowen’s appealing protagonist and clever well-written plots are recommended for discerning mystery lovers.