The End of Nowhere

Written by Patrick Dearen
Review by Iain Stewart

An old fashioned—in the best sense of the words—Western tale of redemption and self-discovery, set in the volatile border territory between America and Mexica at the time of Pancho Villa and border bandit raids.

Everyone has a plan for the gifted 25-year-old journalist, Jack Landon; his boss, his father, and most terrifyingly of all, his girlfriend. His flight from these “destinies” leads Jack to the border, where a chance encounter upends his world. In a tough world where the bandits are evil, and the supposed lawmen just as dangerous, Jack finds a purpose and a calling at a village called Hope. Dearen’s plot is lean with an unexpected twist at the end, his prose parsed, and his character arcs believable. The result is a rewarding read with genuine pathos. Dearen brings the Texas border of that era, and actual historical events, into life in a way that educates and moves.