The Emerald Storm


In 1803, American adventurer Ethan Gage becomes involved in Caribbean island intrigue when a renegade former French police officer and his henchmen kidnap him and his wife Astiza along with their young son. He escapes the clutches of the thugs and is forced to participate in the overthrow of the French on the island of Saint Domingue, led by the black revolutionary Jean-Jacques Dessalines. In Gage’s possession is a valuable emerald, part of the lost treasure of the Aztec Emperor Montezuma. He is coerced by the kidnappers to search for and retrieve the lost fortune.

This book is the fifth installment in the Ethan Gage series. Gage is a reluctant hero who wishes only to retire from diplomatic service. Prior to his marriage, he was a well-known womanizer who used his wit and charm to succeed. He comes in contact with famous people throughout the series, including Benjamin Franklin, Napoleon, and inventor Robert Fulton. Because he also has a desire for quick riches, he is thrust into adventures that complicate his life and cause pain and considerable anguish to himself and those he loves.

Based upon historical facts, this fast-paced novel engages the reader from one cliffhanger to another. After reading this novel, I definitely want to read the previous four books in the series. I enjoy following Ethan Gage as he tries to outwit his enemies and then manages to extricate himself from a number of difficult crises. He is an exciting yet complicated protagonist. This novel is highly recommended for the adventurer in all of us.

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