The Elusive Bride

Written by Stephanie Laurens
Review by Audrey Braver

The story begins in 1822 on the road from Poona to Bombay. Members of the Black Cobra, desperate to get a letter in Emily Emsworth’s possession, are pursuing Emily and her military escort at breakneck speed. When they reach a narrow pass, the soldiers try to hold off the pursuers while Emily races for the fort. She is successful in delivering the letter. But Emily is not a spy. She is a typical daughter of the ton. Not finding any of the available suitors in London to her liking, Emily came to India in the hope of meeting the one. On the day she leaves India, Emily meets Gareth Hamilton, who has been given the letter to take to England. On the journey home, their paths cross. Since they are both being chased by the Black Cobra, Gareth suggests it is safer to travel to England together. Emily sees this as a chance to make him her one.

This second book in Ms. Laurens’ Black Cobra Quartet has all of her usual suspense, eroticism and excitement. While readers will easily guess the outcome of Emily and Gareth’s relationship, the ending is unsatisfactory and leaves the reader hanging a bit.