The Elizabeth Papers

Written by Jenetta James
Review by Richard Tearle

Charlie Hayward is a private detective hired to look into the validity of a trust fund. The object of his investigations is struggling artist Evie Pemberton, who, it is alleged by Charlie’s client, is not entitled to receive the money that comes in regularly. The key to it all proves to be the Elizabeth Papers, written by a Mrs Darcy, loving wife of Fitzwilliam Darcy. I am sure most readers will recognise those names. Doubt is cast over the legitimacy of Victoria, daughter of Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth and Evie’s direct antecedent, Was there a scandal in the seemingly loving Darcy family?

In this book, therefore, we are privileged to read the diaries of Elizabeth Darcy – and some letters from Mr Darcy to his solicitor. We are also treated to a present day mystery and romance.

I enjoyed the book as a whole and the ending was very cleverly done.