The Edge Of Town

Written by Dorothy Garlock
Review by Cindy Vallar

Raising her brothers and sisters and doing daily farm chores doesn’t leave Julie Jones much time for a social life. She yearns for someone to court her, but she’s just a country girl, not one of those flappers who live in town. Her world, however, turns upside down when several new faces appear in Fertile, Missouri.

Evan Johnson, a veteran of the Great War, returns to protect the family farm from his drunk and abusive father. Birdie Stuart is a widow looking for a new husband. Corbin Appleby, the new police chief, searches for a rapist and murderer. The manner in which their lives intersect with those of Julie and her family threaten to rip asunder the ties that bind Julie to her family and to Evan.

The characters in The Edge of Town are ordinary people with all the foibles and traits that breathe life into them. The story transports readers back to the years just prior to the Great Depression in a midwestern town where city dwellers and farmers intermingle but don’t always look at their community through the same eyes. Readers in search of a wonderful old-fashioned romance won’t be disappointed, and those looking for mystery will find more than enough to fill their plates.