The Earl I Adore

Written by Erin Knightley
Review by Charlotte Wightwick

Sophie has been in love with Lord Evansleigh for years. When her sister elopes, putting her own reputation at risk, she knows she can no longer be shy if she wants to find happiness with him. But Evan too has a secret, which keeps him aloof and resistant to the idea of marriage – yet despite this he is drawn to Sophie.

Erin Knightley’s Regency romance is light and charming, and contains all the classic elements of the genre. The hero is impeccably dressed and handsome, with a mysterious past and a seemingly inexplicable aversion to marriage; the heroine is feisty and ever-so-slightly eccentric (as evidenced by her playing the oboe rather than the more usual pianoforte), and the cast of supporting characters include the matchmaking Mama, the faithful best friend, the wilful sister and the puppyish vicar. As you might expect, obstacles to the path of true love are many and varied, but the characters are amiable enough and the plot trips along happily. There is nothing original about it, but it is a fun and sweet romance.