The Eagle’s Vengeance (Empire VI)

Written by Anthony Riches
Review by Chris James

Bloody; Graphic; Intense. These are just some of the words that could describe this new addition to Anthony Riches’ Empire series. It is a brilliant book, with action aplenty as well a clever plot within.

The Eagle’s Vengeance sees Centurion Marcus Tribulus Corvus (aka Valerius Aquila) and company return to the north of Britain. With insurrection brewing at the highest levels and the Legions under strict orders to hold their positions, the Tungrian cohort is sent into the land of the Venicones, further north than Hadrian’s Wall, further even than the Antonine wall. Their task is as audacious as can be… to recover the revered Eagle of the Sixth Legion. Without this symbol of Roman power, the Legion will be doomed to a dishonourable disbandment. Confronting an old enemy, the Selgovae war leader Calgus, on top of hidden threats from within, not to mention from the vengeful barbarians, Marcus and his men will need Fortuna with them if they are to survive.

Well up to the cut and thrust of Legionary life, The Eagle’s Vengeance is a book that I would certainly recommend to anyone looking for a military page turner, as well as those with an interest in the Roman army. For my part, I cannot wait for the next novel in the saga. Highly recommended.