The Duke of Shadows

Written by Meredith Duran
Review by Nan Curnutt

In 1857 Delhi, survival from a shipwreck does not make a young, innocent English girl a heroine among her own people. Rather, it makes her scandalous. Thus, Emmaline Martin must endure the censure of the British community in this Indian city. Julian Sinclair, the Duke of Auburn, must endure censure as well. He is the son of an English Duke and a woman of mixed English and Indian descent. British society tries to shun Julian, but his status as Duke keeps him from being a complete outcast. As trouble comes to Delhi, these two outcasts must join forces to survive.

The Duke of Shadows is Meredith Duran’s debut novel, the winner of the First Chapters Romance Writing Competition. The book is rich in historical details of both the British and Indian societies in India during the mid 1800s. The characters are compelling individuals, with compassion and depth. Ms. Duran knows how to spin a rewarding historical novel. Hopefully this will be the first of many.