The Distant Ocean

Written by Philip K. Allan
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

After the Battle of the Nile in 1798, Captain Alexander Clay of the frigate Titan was ordered to join a small fleet and sail to the Indian Ocean. French ships are attacking English merchant ships heading back to England. He soon learns he must deal with a treacherous English captain who is out to discredit him, along with his friend, Captain Sutton, in command of the frigate Rush. A few years earlier, the uncle of Captain Windham of the frigate Echo was killed during a sea battle, and Windham blames them for not rescuing his uncle prior to his death.

This is Book V in the Alexander Clay Naval Adventure series. This is the first book I have read in the series so I can attest that this book can stand alone. I have read many well-written naval adventure books on the market and I feel this series can join the others in excitement and accuracy in describing the battles. Well researched, its use of naval jargon is spot-on, and the novel provides an insight into the below-deck atmosphere along with those stationed on the command deck. The drama and action portrayed on each page compelled me to continue reading to the conclusion.