The Devil’s Monk

Written by Sara Fraser
Review by Beth Turza

A woman dressed in men’s garb is found lying near a haystack in Worcestershire, England, with nearly every bone in her body broken. The year is 1829, and Constable Thomas Potts is called on to discover who this stranger is and who would commit such an awful crime. A witness saw a suspect fleeing the scene dressed in flowing white robes, so the locals are convinced that it was the Devil’s Monk that killed the young woman. A second murder occurs, and the puzzle pieces as to how these two murders might be related are in the constable’s capable hands. The only clue seems to be white silk fabric pieces that have been hidden away. A good mystery is one that is difficult to put down – and I found this book to be a good mystery. There seemed to be very little to go on, yet the author kept me interested in the well-developed characters and what the common thread might be. I look forward to reading more by this author, who cleverly chose a female pseudonym for his six books in the Thomas Potts historical series.