The Devil Who Tamed Her

Written by Johanna Lindsey
Review by Gwen Sly

Ophelia Reid was the most beautiful and desirable debutante of her generation, and she was also the most hated woman in England. Having cancelled her wedding to the Marquis of Birmingdale’s heir, she sets her sights on Raphael Locke, only son of the Duke of Norford. Rafe is debonair, handsome and equally desirable but unattainable. He, however, takes a wager from the discarded fiancée to improve Lady Ophelia’s shrewish nature. Whisking her off to his most secluded estate, Lord Locke discovers himself to be more attracted to her as each day passes and is forced to admit to himself that he is falling in love with her.

The assumption is that Johanna Lindsey’s latest novel is historical, but only the book cover and a Regency-ish dialogue give evidence of this; facts to establish the period of time in which it is set are sadly lacking. For those who enjoy stories of aristocratic ladies and gentlemen, beautiful and caddish by turn, living in magnificent mansions surrounded by all the luxuries vast amounts of wealth can bring and served by wily and loyal retainers, then this is for you. Readers who prefer a factual historical novel should choose elsewhere.