The Depth of Beauty

Written by A. B. Michaels
Review by Celia Shea

In A. B. Michaels’ involving and richly atmospheric novel The Depth of Beauty, a son of privilege has his eyes opened to a broader world.

In 1903 San Francisco, young Will Firestone has everything: looks, wealth, social station, comfort and ease. And in Michaels’ telling, all of this is not enough for Will; he feels restlessly certain there is more to life.

When he finds himself in San Francisco’s Chinatown, he encounters a fascinating young mother, and their complicating relationship draws Will into realities – good and bad – that he had never before imagined. The Depth of Beauty is set in the same fictional world as the author’s novels The Art of Love, Sinner’s Grove, and The Lair, but Michaels does such a smooth and assured job of rounding off her narrative that the book can easily be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone.