The Deepest Sin

Written by Caroline Richards
Review by Liz Allenby

A scholar who specializes in the Rosetta Stone, Lady Meredith Woolcott is ahead of her times. Fiercely independent, she journeys to Egypt in order to find the fort where the Rosetta Stone was discovered. Ordered by Lord Spencer at Whitehall to shadow her, Lord Richard Buckingham Archer keeps close tabs on Meredith in the hopes she will lead him to former husband, Comte Montagu Faron, a killer pillaging artifacts in the Middle East. Passion rises as Lady Meredith and Lord Archer find themselves embroiled in a love affair. Twists and turns ensue as Lady Meredith and Lord Archer encounter enemies in her quest to discover the secret behind Montagu’s attempts to murder her.

The third in a Victorian-era series featuring The Darkest Sin and The Deadliest Sin, this novel is a joyride with compelling dialogue. The love scenes are tasteful, and the characters are well-drawn. At times, the pace is a bit fast and the ending seems rushed. Yet, Lady Meredith Woolcott is an appealing character and Lord Archer fits the dreamy profile of that hero-protector who cannot resist a woman with both charm and intellect.