The Dalwich Desecration

Written by Gregory Harris
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

In Victorian England, Colin Pendragon and his trusted companion, Ethan Pruitt, investigate a gruesome crime within Whitmore Abbey near the town of Dalwich. An abbot has been found brutally murdered in his sleeping cell, his tongue violently removed. They suspect the murderer is one of the brothers of the order.

While they are lodging in Dalwich, another murder is committed: a friendly barmaid is murdered and mutilated in the same manner as the abbot. The two sleuths now are faced with a double murder with no real clues as to who committed these terrible acts.

Gregory Harris has become one of my favorite Victorian mystery writers. I love reading about the two gay sleuths as they attempt to hide their relationship, illegal at the time, from the rest of the world and continue their assignment to solve crimes. Mr. Harris’s previous mystery novels have never failed to excite me. The characters and their interactions are probably the most interesting part of the story – they add to the suspense and make it difficult for the reader to uncover who committed the crimes. The author’s research into the era is impeccable, providing descriptions of everyday Victorian life. I highly recommend this novel.