The Commander

Written by Kate Bridges
Review by Nancy J. Attwell

“Wanted, one Gentleman Husband.” When Julia O’Shea publishes an ad for a man to end her widowhood, she has not reckoned on the arrival in town of her one-time lover, Ryan Reid. Ten years have passed since Ryan fled Calgary after killing a man in a fight; and now he has returned—a competent surgeon, a scarred veteran of the South African War, and an intimidating adventurer who scowls at all the applicants for her hand. As a massive wildfire races across the drought-parched prairie, the townspeople know that Ryan is the only person with enough experience to lead the battle against the flames; yet it is not easy for them to set aside their many resentments and place themselves beneath his command.

Born into intimately connected families that emigrated from Ireland when they were still children, Julia and Ryan must not only confront their own failures but those of their families as well, if they are to find happiness with one another. Written with a delightful combination of humor and drama, this is a very satisfying romance. Pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate, curl up in an armchair, and enjoy the sizzling courtship of The Commander.