The Coming Storm


The Coming Storm is the second volume in Tracie Peterson’s Heirs of Montana series. It is a love story and a saga of survival in a place that even today demands resilience and capability of those who live there: the vast sweeps of land laid amidst the daunting snow-capped mountain ranges of the northern Rockies.

At this point in the series, Dianne Chadwick has left Kansas with her family to join her uncle at his ranch, the Diamond V, set in the Montana wilderness. She waits for the return of her fiancé, Cole Selby. But the wait is not a matter of simple trust and patience. When Uncle Bram loses his life to a grizzly bear, Dianne must take charge. The Coming Storm is the story of her strength, her ability to win the love and respect of the Diamond V family, and finally, her success.

However, this is not the real story of The Coming Storm. For one thing, the Diamond V is no ordinary ranch. It is a multiracial Christian community made up predominantly of white European Americans but also including Blackfoot Indians and freed African Americans. The story chronicles their conversations and inner reflections as they struggle through the intense hardships of this period in American history. The Coming Storm is set in 19th century Montana, but the dialogues are timeless. These Christian men and women struggle with death, illness, loneliness, prejudice, and fear, as do all humans, but they support each other in an unflinching trust in God’s love and wisdom. Tracie Peterson has given the reader a rich picture of life as it could be under God’s loving rule.



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