The Chieftain

Written by Margaret Mallory
Review by Elena Maria Vidal

The Chieftain is a hearty historical romance with the same air of adventure, mystery and passion which characterizes the other three books of the Return of the Highlanders series. Set in the Scottish Highlands in the early 16th century, young Connor, the chieftain of the MacDonald clan, struggles to be a good leader to his people by practicing justice and self-denial. He has resolved to be celibate until he marries, and is determined to make an advantageous alliance which will strengthen his clan. Connor finds himself fighting against his growing attraction for Ilysa, the young widow who manages his household. Ilysa’s meek manner and plain attire disguise a fiery spirit which knows no fear when it comes to protecting those in her care. Her love for Connor gives her the courage to take whatever risks are necessary to guard him from his enemies and from his own brashness. In spite of the steamy love scenes, this novel is almost innocent in the old-fashioned quality of the love story. The action and intrigue make it a page-turner. Be prepared to be up all night once you start reading.