The Caves Of Perigord

Written by Martin Walker
Review by John R. Vallely

Preclassical love triangles, contemporary French politics, World War II action behind enemy lines, 20th century artistic intrigue, suave and urbane British Army officers, highly intelligent but vulnerable women artists, a story line that jumps (Leaps! Vaults!) between centuries….What more can a reader want? Martin Walker weaves a masterful tale of ancient cave art and the curious role it plays in the World War II French Resistance, post-war French politics, and the personal lives of the artist and soldier caught up in the tale in post-war times. At times the reader may gasp for breath and call for a momentary pause as the storyline winds its way across the centuries, but it will ultimately prove a satisfying ride. The detail surrounding Lascaux-like cave art and its meaning may not prove as exciting as SOE operations in occupied France, but the role of the art in the story is critical.