The Brushstroke Legacy

Written by Lauraine Snelling
Review by Viviane Crystal

Ragni Clauson needs to get her life fixed – big time! Although she’s looking forward to an immensely needed vacation, her sister tells her that she’s got to help her mother fix up her great-grandmother’s cabin, which is falling apart. In addition, Ragni is going to have her temperamental, rebellious niece, Erika, traveling along. Ragni, of course, is just about to burst with the added pressure. But she braces herself to make the journey and fixes up a rundown log cabin, unearthing some significant paranormal-like connections to her long-deceased great-grandmother.

                The story is somewhat stereotypical in that Ragni and Erika eventually come to an understanding, and romance enters the picture for Ragni at a most opportune time, But what is more memorable is the older love story that parallels the contemporary story. For Ragni’s great-grandmother, a woman fighting for the health and survival of her daughter in 1906 North Dakota, a journey westward develops into a sweet romance and the tender, creative budding of her hobby/career as an artist. Nilda’s story is beautiful and representative of the tough and talented women who helped to shape America, past and present. Sweet tale, indeed!