The Bride Wore Blue

Written by Mona Hodgson
Review by Shaylin Montgomery

Vivian Sinclair is a woman with a past. She joins her three sisters in Cripple Creek, Colorado, in 1897, hoping for a new beginning. But jobs are scarce, and desperate, Vivian secretly accepts a job at the local sporting house. Deputy Carter Alwyn lives a haunted life. His father, a great lawman, died protecting a kidnapped prostitute, and now Carter has taken a solemn vow: he will never marry. But the innocent Vivian Sinclair is proving a great temptation. When bandits threaten Vivian’s life, can Carter overcome the shock of her lies in time to save her?

The third novel in The Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek series, Mona Hodgson’s tale of sin and redemption will make an excellent addition to any library. Hodgson has created a set of endearingly complex characters. For instance, the strong-willed Vivian makes mistakes, but her intentions are always sincere.

Hodgson has produced a wonderful work of Christian fiction that brilliantly blends historical retrospective with a Western adventure. The Bride Wore Blue is an inspirational and entertaining read.