The Bride Insists

Written by Jane Ashford
Review by Troy Reed

Jane Ashford, author of Once Again a Bride, delivers a charming historical romance set in Regency England.  Governess Clare Greenough unexpectedly finds out she has been left a fortune, but the catch is that her troublemaker cousin, Simon, is put in charge of the money until she marries.  Clare is determined that Simon will never have any part in managing her new fortune.  She asks her solicitor to help her find a husband who is in need of money but who will agree to allow her to remain in control of the funds.

Her solicitor knows just the man.  James Boleigh, Baron Trehearth, has seen his estate slowly slipping away from him since the death of his father.  He has tried all he can in order to save it.  A meeting is arranged, paperwork is signed, and their marriage takes place.

Clare arrives at the estate and is in for quite a surprise – the house is in disrepair, and her new husband has young twin sisters he didn’t tell her about.  Clare begins to put things to right, and the passion builds between her and Jamie.   When a misunderstanding threatens to tear their newly built relationship apart, they must learn to trust each other in order to move their relationship forward.

This is an enjoyable read, but Jamie’s habit of sticking his head in the sand to avoid responsibility grows a bit tiresome. Ashford’s strengths in this novel are the likeable and intriguing secondary characters and Clare’s strong will to remain in control of her own destiny.