The Brickmaker’s Bride

Written by Judith Miller
Review by Viviane Crystal

In post-Civil War West Virginia, widows were forced to sell businesses in order to financially survive. Such is the case for Laura and her mother, who are now arranging the sale of their brickmaking business to two Irishmen, Uncle Hugh and Ewan McKay. Laura is assisted by a smart, prejudiced but spunky lawyer, Winston. However he’s met his match in conniving Uncle Hugh, whose only interest, outside of gambling and drinking, is making a fast buck, and in Ewan, who is a focused, hard-working, honest and spiritual man. Ewan has to bear many taunts for being low-class Irish but rises above it all to match Laura’s devotion to the brickmaking business. Their work together is exciting as she guides him through every asset and liability of the business and becomes even more so as they allow their feelings for each other to grow. Judith Miller writes a fine historical romance novel in which passion for integrity and justice surmounts every obstacle. A very engaging, nice read.