The Brazen Bride

Written by Stephanie Laurens
Review by Jeanne Greene

Laurens’s racy Black Cobra novel (after The Elusive Bride, 2010) is set in Guernsey, ca. 1810-15. When lovely Linnet Trevassian, a powerful landowner, rescues shipwrecked officer Logan Monteith, sparks fly. Linnet doesn’t intend to marry (and take orders from a husband), so she settles for fantastic sex, which is fine with Logan – until he falls in love. Logan’s on a secret mission to incriminate members of the nefarious Black Cobra cult, who will stop at nothing (the shipwreck!) to kill him. How can he allow Linnet independence and still keep her safe? Not to worry, Linnet’s a ship’s captain, a swordswoman, and a formidable ally. Logan learns to trust her like a second self. Never mind if the villain escapes. Logan wins the battle of the sexes, and Linnet is Logan’s for life.

If this sounds all too predictable, it’s not. Whether the action’s in bed or aboard ship or both, Laurens is an inventive and skillful writer. Expect sex, not kinky, but lots of it. A pleasure for romance readers.