The Boy’s Tale

Written by Margaret Frazer
Review by Sara Wilson


The peace of St Frideswide’s is shattered with the arrival of two small boys after their party is apparently attacked by outlaws. Dame Frevisse suspects there is more to their story, and her fears are confirmed when she discovers that young Edmund and Jasper are half-brothers to King Henry VI.

The group is granted sanctuary but their troubles are far from over when an assassin dogs their every move. Meanwhile, Domina Edith, the wise and comforting prioress, is near to death, leaving the nuns in a heightened state of anxiety. Dame Frevisse needs to keep a cool head if she is to get to the bottom of this mystery and prevent further murders from taking place.

The Dame Frevisse series is now well in its stride and offers a complete package of well-rounded characters, high mystery and a good dollop of colourful history. Once again Dame Frevisse proves to be an intelligent and resourceful protagonist, whose humanity underlines her every thought and deed. The solution to the mystery goes to prove her outlook on life – that nothing is ever completely black and white, just as no-one is completely good or evil. I’m already looking forward to reading her next adventures.