The Book of Boy

Written by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
Review by Mike Ashworth

1350. Boy is a hunchback. It is the only name he has ever known, apart from Monster. He tends a flock of goats in a small field on the outskirts of the village where he lives, bullied by children and adults alike. His world changes for ever when a Pilgrim called Segundus arrives in the village. He is on a quest for seven priceless relics, and he takes Boy with him on his journey. They plunge into a deadly treasure hunt, scouring tombs, dingy taverns, a golden castle and even the Cathedrals of Rome. However, neither Pilgrim nor Boy are what they seem as they search for the secret which could set them both free.

This is a fascinating tale which brings a quest, scuffles, dastardly thieves, and twists galore together in a story which brings alive the culture and people of the time. Short chapters, each ending with a hook, keep the reader wanting to turn the pages to see what happens. With a strong story line and central characters, plus plenty of action, there is a great deal to enjoy. Recommended.