The Bonaparte Plot

Written by Hugh McLeave
Review by Fenella Miller

In 1803 it seems nothing can stop Napoleon Bonaparte from invading and conquering England. So, Prime Minister William Pitt creates a plan to thwart his deadly enemy. He recruits and finances a French royalist general, George Cadoudal, giving him the order to kidnap or kill Bonaparte and restore the Bourbon monarchy.

But Bonaparte proves that he is a master tactician and no mean detective when he unravels the murder plot and constructs his own ruthless scheme that will cost many lives.

The novel is impeccably researched and historically accurate, but unfortunately the book is so overburdened with facts, names and dates it is difficult to become involved with any of the protagonists. This book lacks pace and tension. However for someone wishing to learn about the attempt on Bonaparte’s life it would be an excellent read as it is more faction than fiction.