The Blue Door

Written by David Fulmer
Review by John R. Vallely

Eddie Cero is an unlikely private investigator. He has been making a living as a welterweight boxer, but his career shows little promise beyond simply surviving until his next fight. Philadelphia in 1962 is caught up in the social and racial tensions of the early days of the Civil Rights movement and the concurrent rise of African Americans in the popular music business. Eddie stumbles upon a mugging victim named Sal Giambroni, an ex-Philadelphia policeman and head of a small private investigation firm. In helping Sal escape the muggers, Eddie finds himself thrust into the world of private eyes and an unsolved murder of a popular black singer. Eddie falls in love with the singer’s sister just as he begins his search for the killer, and this interracial affair is met with disapproval from both sides. The now ex-boxer is a quick learner and adapts well to the gritty realities of Philadelphia ghetto life and the amoral world of popular music management. From a boxer drifting through life to a man faced with ethical and legal issues involving many different people, the reader watches as a new Eddie Cero emerges.