The Blood of Rome (Eagles of the Empire 17)

Written by Simon Scarrow
Review by Mike Ashworth

AD 55. When King Rhadamistus, ambitious, ruthless, cruel, and an ally of Rome, is ousted from Armenia, General Corbulo is tasked by the Emperor to restore him to his throne. Cato and Macro, with their elite cohort of Praetorian Guards, recently arrived in the Roman province of Cilicia, are charged with the mission. Cato and Macro find themselves facing not only determined opposition from the Parthian military, but also treachery much closer to home. When King Rhadamistus’s brutality towards those who have ousted him sparks an uprising, the Roman Cohort find themselves pawns in a deadly game of regional politics, where failure will result in ignominious disgrace at best, and death the most likely outcome.

This is the latest instalment in the best-selling Eagles of the Empire series, featuring Cato and Macro. The author’s legion of fans will know what to expect: a fast-paced, taut plot, strong characters, exciting, flowing action scenes, and writing which brings alive both the culture and the deadly politics of the time. This is historical fiction at its very best. Highly recommended.