The Best of Sisters

Written by Dilly Court
Review by Lynn Guest

Sagas, the comfy slippers of reading matter. Nothing demanding in style or content, but a good book for bedtime or after a bout of ‘flu. The Best of Sisters is such a saga.

Eliza Bragg is a true Victorian heroine. She suffers greatly, struggles to succeed, appears to, and then is cast down again. Finally she rises up again triumphant, in best saga fashion. Poor Eliza is only eleven when her brother, Bart, gets in a fight and kills a man. He has to flee to New Zealand, leaving Eliza in the care of their wicked Uncle Enoch. From then on it’s Eliza against the world.

There’s a wide variety of interesting characters, lots happening, including the traditional seduction scene, and a colourful taste of Victorian London. Eliza is such a loving and determined girl that we cheer her along her journey to business success and into the arms of the right man.

Dilly Court is one of the better saga writers, and if you enjoy sagas you’ll certainly enjoy this one.