The Baron’s Honourable Daughter

Written by Lynn Morris
Review by Lauren Miller

With the sudden death of her stepfather, the Earl of Maledon, young Valeria Segrave assumes responsibility for the family estate until her six-year-old half-brother, St. John, comes of age. But in the business world, a young woman alone would never be taken seriously, so Alastair, Lord Hylton (a distant relative) agrees to assist her in her new mantle of responsibility. Valeria’s innate values of honor and duty inspire Alastair’s admiration, but her youthful indiscretions provoke condemnation and a determination in Valeria to prove to Alastair that she is capable of being an honorable daughter.

Morris, a bestselling author who is best known for her Cheney Duvall, M.D. books, ventures into the Regency with Valeria, a young woman of determination, honor and a shrewish, independent spirit that will enchant readers of the Duvall series. The relationship between Valeria and Alastair is at times almost fraternal, but the reader will long for that relationship to develop from friendship into love. The first of three new Regency romances, Morris returns strong with this drawing room romantic comedy about the follies of youth and the power of forgiveness.