The Avenging Angels

Written by Michael Dukes
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

After the Civil War, former Confederate Captain Gabriel Kings is leader of a gang of outlaws known as the Avenging Angels. They rob banks and trains in the lawless West Texas territory, with little opposition. After thirteen years, Kings decides to settle down and marry Belle Jackson, a wealthy landowner’s daughter. On his trail are the Pinkertons, along with the governor of Texas. A rival of his, working with a vengeful saloon-keeper, is also trying to capture him for the bounty money before the Pinkertons’ posse captures the gang.

With his debut novel, this author shows promise in the Western genre. Writing a novel where the protagonist is an outlaw is not easy, but the author pulls it off with fast-paced action and a sympathetic main character. This novel was a real pleasure to read, making this book a Western novel lover’s dream. The tale builds to an exciting conclusion.