The Angel of Blythe Hall


This story begins and ends in the border region of Scotland in 1492. Eighteen-year-old Isabeau Blythe has returned home to Blythe Hall after an absence of five years. With no family to help her, she is ill-prepared to take up the reins of managing her childhood estate. Her mother died when Isabeau was born, and at the age of five, she had an ethereal experience in her mother’s chamber, which was witnessed by her father and drove him to the brink of insanity. He is convinced that his wife was an angel – literally – and he leaves home on a quest to prove that angels really do exist.

Isabeau’s brother, Julius, has been a fugitive from the law for many years after a botched attempt to kidnap King James. His reasons for doing this do not become clear until much later in the story. But for now he has returned to Blythe Hall demanding that Isabeau help him find “his angel.” She fights him every step of the way, and her life is further complicated by the sudden appearance of handsome Sir George Kilwylie, a sexy and powerful knight determined to win her hand and take control of her estate. Sir George and Julius are bitter enemies, yet George wants something from Julius and will stop at nothing to get it. Isabeau’s dreams, day and night, are filled with the image of a beautiful angel, and when she reaches the pinnacle of a crisis, he suddenly appears to help her.

This book is chock full of romance, intrigue, adventure, and otherworldly elements. Although it’s not a quick read I would still recommend it, but be forewarned that sometimes it takes the author a long time to get from Point A to Point B in her story.

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