The Airshipmen

Written by David Dennington
Review by Christoph Fischer

This book is a clear labour of love, impressive for its technical detail, research and knowledge of aviation history. The main character is Lou Remington, an American pilot in Great Britain who first survives the explosion of an R38 airship and then, some ten years later, in 1930, gets involved in the design and construction of two newer airships in Cardington: The R100 and the R101.

The author included some personal dramas between the team members and issues between Lou and his wife, enough to create human interest and flesh out the story of setbacks, delays and the eventual maiden flights of the two airships.

I did not get as interested in the characters as much as I would have liked, but the book itself covers a very fascinating topic, made even more compelling since it is based on real events.

This is an epic read that might challenge some of the more impatient readers, while it is a sure feast for those interested in the technical aspects of aviation history pre-World War II.