The Age of Treachery: A Duncan Forrester Mystery

Written by Gavin Scott
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

World War II has ended, and Special Operations Executive Agent Duncan Forrester is teaching ancient history at Oxford College. As he tries to adjust to post-war life, he must manage his secret desire for a fellow professor’s wife, Margaret Clark. He also wants to return to Crete and possibly find a hidden artifact while he tries to determine his real purpose in life.

After another professor is killed, his friend and Margaret’s husband, Gordon Clark, is arrested. Convinced of Gordon’s innocence, Duncan tries to find the perpetrator. Helping to appraise the clues is his colleague, writer Ian Fleming. Duncan is convinced that a German named Peter Dorfmann is somehow connected to the crime because of a discovered manuscript that may have connections to the war.

This first Duncan Forrester mystery is an exciting whodunit. The author writes a complex novel of suspense as he incorporates a possible German spy ring into the story of the murder victim and those close to him. Because of Duncan’s position during the war, he has contacts in Europe, and he travels to other countries to find clues. In this well-researched novel, the author blends actual historical characters with his fictional ones exceptionally well. I will definitely read more of his mysteries in the future.