The Age of Olympus

Written by Gavin Scott
Review by Susan McDuffie

Greece, 1946: Duncan Forrester returns to post-war Greece, accompanied by his lover, the Norwegian countess Sophia Arnfeldt-Laurvig. Forrester comes back on an archaeological mission, hoping to reclaim a mysterious stone he located during the war. He believes the artifact holds the secret to deciphering the enigmatic Linear B script. Duncan and Sophia intend to leave for Crete after a short visit to Athens. But a Greek poet they are dining with dies suspiciously, and Forrester himself encounters a mysterious masked adversary. It then becomes evident that the poet may not have been the intended victim. Forrester believes the intended target was Ari Alexandros, a noted general and war hero who is being courted by the Greek communists. If Alexandros chooses to lead the communists Greece may erupt in civil war, and the communists could gain control of the country. Eventually Forrester and Sophie do make it to Crete, but adventure, intrigue, and murder follow them throughout the wine-dark sea, as they fight to save Forrester’s archaeological find, and the life of Alexandros.

This thrilling mystery moves at a breakneck pace. Scott has worked as a screenwriter, and his previous credits include The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. This novel reminded me of one of Indy’s adventures. Replete with shape-shifting villains, femme fatales, mysterious relics, and an enchanted island, this hero’s journey makes an entertaining read.