That Certain Spark

Written by Cathy Marie Hake
Review by Rebecca Roberts

In 1892, twins Enoch and Taylor Bestman arrive in Gooding, Texas with signed contracts to serve as local veterinarian and medical doctor. The twins aim to rescue Gooding from a shortage of decent medical care. Instead of a warm welcoming, though, they are met with a great deal of prejudice and small-mindedness when it’s discovered that Taylor is a woman. Karl Van der Vort, local blacksmith, is no exception, and he fights her tooth and nail when he unwillingly becomes her first patient. Used to the stubbornness of men who do not accept her work, Taylor must prove that medicine is her calling, and she is in fact a competent doctor. It surprises Karl to no end when he realizes just how skilled she is, and that he has fallen in love with this brazen woman.

Some parts of the story seemed too simplistic, like the romance between Enoch and the local widow. I was hoping for a bit more tension and drama in the story, but overall, it’s a lovely story filled with good resounding morals. With her usual wit and amicable prose, Hake delivers a pleasant Christian romance that also delves into deeper issues such as anti-feminine sentiments.