Tank Action

Written by David Render Stuart Tootal
Review by Mike Ashworth

This is the personal story of an armoured troop commander’s war, 1944 to 1945. David Render was a 19-year-old second lieutenant fresh from Sandhurst when he was sent to France to join the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry just five days after the D-Day landings. The combat-hardened veterans he was sent to command did not expect him to last long: in 1944 the average life expectancy of a newly commissioned tank troop officer in Normandy was estimated as being less than two weeks. The only question was – would he cause their deaths by his own inexperience?

David Render tells his remarkable story which spans every major episode of the last year of the Second World War in Western Europe. This is a story of survival, comradeship and leadership in combat. The combat sequences are breathtaking, highlighting the brutality of war  in an understated way, which brings the full horror home to the reader in a way which is powerful, and at the same time shocking, without being gratuitous.  This is a superb book about WW2 and is a fine tribute to those brave men who gave their lives for our freedom. Highly recommended.