Tamed by a Highlander

Written by Paula Quinn
Review by Monica E. Spence

1685: Highlander Connor Grant has served in the king’s army since he was no more than a lad. Now he is a member of the inner circle of King James II, not only because he is a respected army captain, but also because he is the king’s cousin. However, no matter how long he has been away from home, no matter how many battles he’s fought, nor how many women he’s bedded, Connor’s heart belongs to Mairi MacGregor, his childhood friend and sweetheart. Mairi MacGregor hates Connor, the man who abandoned her seven years prior to join the army. She has gone on with her life and has joined an alliance that seeks information to aid the Catholics in Scotland. Mairi and Connor put aside their differences and join forces to uncover the traitor in their midst. At the same time, they discover their true feelings.

The story interweaves history with romance. By using the atypical setting of the court of James II and Mary of Modena, Paula Quinn adds a new dimension to this enjoyable historical romance. Recommended.