Taken By Storm

Written by Donna Fletcher
Review by Helene Williams

In mid-19th century Scotland, a poor person in trouble with the law didn’t have much hope of escaping a hard prison sentence and, most likely, death. One outlaw, though, is on the side of the accused: enter Storm, a raven-haired, blue-eyed beauty who lives her life one step ahead of the authorities and whose goal in life is to rescue those wrongly imprisoned. She’s a strong, fearless leader, sure of her every move, until she rescues Burke Longton, a rich, handsome American who came to Scotland to find his half-brother Cullen. Romantic sparks fly, and so do the verbal confrontations as Storm and Burke fight, then give in to, their mutual attraction. The couple’s future together is questionable, given the forceful personalities, and there’s the very real possibility that one of them will be sacrificed in an ill-advised attempt to rescue Cullen from the most impregnable of fortresses. If readers are willing to overlook the anachronisms – forests such as Storm’s rebel band inhabit were gone long before the timeframe of this tale, for example – this makes for a mildly diverting read.