Summer of Promise (Westward Winds Book #1)

Written by Amanda Cabot
Review by Marie Burton

With a perfect mix of romance, suspense and discovery of faith, Amanda Cabot brings us a bright new series featuring three sisters raised in the East. In this first book, the impulsive middle sister Abigail travels to Wyoming Territory to visit her elder sister, Charlotte, at Fort Laramie in 1885. Abigail meets Lieutenant Ethan Bowles on the way there, and the two immediately hit it off. Once the summer is over, Abigail must choose between the steady life and love she left behind or the promise of an eventful future with Ethan.

Before she does, she has to help Ethan discover who is behind some stagecoach robberies without either of them getting hurt, but that proves more difficult than it seems. Abigail’s evolving character is likable, as we are eager to see Ethan and Abigail’s mutual attraction become acknowledged. Sure to please any historical romance reader, this is a well written story with a great mix of characters and a fast-moving plot that includes a range of topics from family bonds and Army deserters to mischievous puppies. I am already looking forward to the next installment of Westward Winds, which will follow Charlotte’s path.