Summer Is for Lovers

Written by Jennifer McQuiston
Review by Marie Burton

For readers of historical romance who like a bit more romance, this is the novel to read. It features a sexy Scottish man who is unknowingly crying out for love, and a gangly, awkward young lady determined to find a way to provide for her family, which includes being tutored in the arts of love. Caroline is a swimmer at heart, something very uncouth in the Victorian era, but she endears herself to David Cameron. He doesn’t want to fall in love with her, but he does just when the rest of society begrudgingly decides Caroline is someone worth having. Will Caroline pursue her heart or take the easy way out? This is a fun story that indulges the romance reader with its memorably picturesque setting of Brighton, England with an enticing cove along the beach. It’s a nice bonus for this author’s newcomers that there is no need to read the first novel that David starred in, but her readers should enjoy this one as much as they did the first.