Summer Dream

Written by Martha Rogers
Review by B. J. Sedlock

Rachel Winston is a P.K. (preacher’s kid) in 1888 Connecticut, who finds it hard to submit to her father’s wishes when he refuses to send her to visit her aunt in Boston. She doesn’t want to settle down with a boy she’s known all her life and remain in Briar Ridge. Then Nathan Reed, a young lawyer, comes to town on business. They both feel a tug of attraction. But Nathan’s secret past has led him to declare he’ll never get involved with a woman of faith. How can a pastor’s daughter make a lifetime commitment to a nonbeliever?

This is a quiet, gentle story, with no violence or villains, just a will she/won’t she romance. I enjoyed the Winstons’ warm family relationship. The religious content is on the heavy side, as the two protagonists struggle with their faith or lack of it. The author surprised me by including some realities of everyday life. There are references to menopause, chamber pots, and a rape in a character’s background. In a genre that often avoids earthy topics, the acknowledgement that such things existed gives leaven to the sweet romance. I recommend the book to readers who don’t mind heavy religious content.