Stream Of Death


This is the first paperback edition of Stream of Death. The story is set in bucolic Peekamoose Heights, a village tucked somewhere in the Catskills, where former Detroit police captain, Ed McAvoy, is chief of the local police department. The village’s slow pace and minuscule crime rate are ideal for McAvoy, who was lamed by a Detroit bullet.

The story opens with a brief flash back to the Nazi occupation of Sicily. Members of the local Resistance are gunned down by a Nazi officer who pockets a fabulous diamond pendant: The Isabela Pendant. Switch to 21st century New York. Middle-aged Harvey Dumont and his very sexy young wife have relocated to Peekamoose from Detroit for the peace, quiet, and excellent fly fishing. The Dumonts’ idyll is shattered after the Isabela Pendant is found on their property and Harvey is shot to death soon after. McAvoy follows the trail to an elderly Mafia don with family ties to Sicily. Could the murder be a Mafia vendetta? A trap is set that lures the killer to the surface. It’s not at all certain that McAvoy is going to land this fish until the last exciting moment.

“Peekamoose Heights” is a good metaphor for the story. It’s quaint, quiet, friendly, and entertains in the way that fly fishing does. The characters are predictable—the Peekamoose locals are all nice folks and the bad guys, all from Detroit, are nasty. The story’s pace is even, and there are enough twists to hold the reader to the end. If you aren’t standing in a trout stream sporting an Orvis Bighorn Special with a Battenkill reel, then stretching out in a lawn chair with Stream of Death is a great way to spend a summer afternoon.

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