Stone Lord


Stone Lord’s highly original premise takes the legend of King Arthur back into prehistory to the early Bronze Age. This inspired choice allows the author to place some of the anomalies of the legend, such as the reference to Merlin being responsible for the building of Stonehenge and the story of the sword in the stone, into a very plausible historical and archaeological context. Our knowledge of the Stonehenge landscape and the trading and migrant routes of the period has expanded enormously over the last few years and Reedman has kept well up to date on this and the landscape that she obviously knows very well. The characters are interesting and well drawn and it is fascinating to see how she has woven the legend into her history. Her shamanic rituals are entirely plausible, as is the mindset of her peoples. It is also great to see how she has woven real artefacts discovered in Wiltshire into the fabric of her story. I await the sequel with interest, to see which directions her tale will take.

The book submitted was severely marred by the large number of editing errors; the kind that do not get picked up by a spell checker, such as has/had, the/they and missing words. However the book has, now been re-edited and re-submitted for review, so without these typos this is a good read.

Personally I think the cover art conveys the idea that this is a children’s or young adult book – while finances for self-published authors are often limited, I think, in this instance, a professionally designed cover would complement the book, lifting it form that self-published initial impression. I noticed a few historical errors: e.g. Merlin makes new shoes from the skin of a rabbit – it is considered that rabbits are at least a Roman, if not Norman, introduction, but this is mere nit-picking as I really enjoyed the concept of this book and would like to read the sequel.

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