St. Mungo’s Robin

Written by Pat McIntosh
Review by Marilyn Sherlock

This is the fourth book featuring Gil Cunningham, a notary, working and living in Glasgow in 1493. Suddenly, the warden of the local almshouse is found dead one morning in the garden. First assessment points to him having died the previous night, but there are witnesses who claim to have seen him in the chapel that morning. As Gil investigates he finds himself bound up more and more with the politics and intrigues surrounding the residents of St. Serfs, and then there is the ghost…

This is the first of these books that I have read but found that this did not detract in any way from not having read the others. It stands alone and the characters are easy to follow as they weave in and out of the story. Fifteenth century Glasgow is well described, and the scene beautifully set but, being a mere sassenach, I did find the Scots at times difficult to follow. When the characters were speaking French or Latin, it was simply stated that they were doing so. Maybe the same should have been said of the Scots, and the text kept to plain English or a glossary provided. On the whole, I found this a fascinating read.